Who Are We?

Bethel Riverside Church welcomes everyone, no matter where you have come from or where you are at on your spiritual journey.  We hope you find us as a church grounded in scripture and alive within the power of God.  We seek to improve our relationship with our Creator while also reaching out to those without a relationship.  For many of the people here, this church is home.  If it is not your home, we invite you to make it yours and join our family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where are you located and where can I park?
A: We are located at 629 Riverside Drive in Huntington. The church sits on the corner of Riverside and Allen. Parking is available along Allen St as well as a parking lot located across Allen behind the church.

Q: What time does the service start?
A: We begin our services at 9am. If you arrive late, come to either door 1 or 2 and knock and one of ushers will open the door and help you find a place to sit.

Q: How should I dress?
A: We want everyone to dress comfortably and to the level that they feel is appropriate. While some members may dress more formal and others more casual, no one will ever be turned away for any sort of appearance.

Q: How long do services last?
A: We try to be done with our worship service by 10am, although we allow the worship to move fluidly and don’t stop the service because of the clock.

Q: What services are available for children?
A: We have a special time during the service for a Children’s Message. After this time, children up to age 10 are welcome to join others in a classroom for a special lesson facilitated by our staff. We offer this, not to take children out of the service, but to allow parents the opportunity to better worship for themselves. Children are always invited to stay in the service for the entire time as we know that little ones are the future of the church.

Q: What do I do if there is bad weather?
A: If weather, or anything else, would cause us to make changes to the worship time or cancel the service, we will post this information on the Facebook page, here on the website, and make an announcement on WBCL. Please do not ever travel to church if the weather makes you feel unsafe. In the event that weather forces the church to close for the week, the pastor will post a sermon on the YouTube page and provide links to it on this website as well as on Facebook.

Q: Where is the Handicapped Entrance?
A: We have a ramp located at door 3, near the back of the church on Allen St. The sidewalk at this area also has an area that a wheelchair can access it from street level. The door there is also equipped with automatic openers for your convenience. If you require any additional assistance or this doesn’t work for your situation, please let someone know and we will have the Ushers help in any way possible.

Q: What are you current requirements and options regarding COVID-19 and PPE?
A: Currently we have Hand Sanitizer and Face Masks available to everyone at either Sanctuary Entrance. We are encouraging Social Distancing in the Sanctuary by asking that people do not sit too close together and allow others to establish their own comfort level of space. We understand that while some people are comfortable joining in worship at the church, our church family extends beyond the walls. Therefore there are weekly Devotionals posted on our YouTube Channel, weekly Sermons are posted on this website as well as YouTube, and an email prayer list circulates among members. This allows our congregation to stay connected, even while apart.

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